ResearchOER Journal Policies

Editing Policy

The Editor oversees the editorial process. The Editor sees the accepted submissions throughout the editorial processes. The Editor can creates and manages journal issues, and notify users of new issues and/or events. The editor plays roles as proof-reader and/or layout editor. The editor has the right to create users, disable accounts, managing roles, modify profiles, merge accounts, and contact groups of users. The Editorial Process for a submission to the ResearchOER Journal is a blind peer review. If accepted in the Review stage of the Editorial Process, the submission then goes through the Editing stage which consists of layout and proofreading. Author(s) may contribute to both the editing and proofreading of the submission in the Editing stage, as the submission is prepared for publication. Then the submission is scheduled for publication in an issue of the journal. ResearchOER Journal publishes submissions as soon as they are ready, and once each issue contains 5 articles, the issue will be published. This policy speeds the publication cycle.

Review Policy

Submitted manuscripts will be refereed in a blind review process by at least two reviewers, with expertise in the relevant subject area. The editor will choose these two reviewers. The editor will contact the potential reviewers to ensure their availability and interest in the manuscript [manuscript title and abstract]. However, in the case, we could not find relevant reviewers and/or lack of reviewer(s) availability, the editor may ask author(s) to suggest relevant reviewers. Reviewers should not have any conflict of interest in relation to the author(s), the research, and/or the research funders. Reviewers should treat manuscripts with confidentiality, and also maintain the confidentiality of the review process itself. Reviewers should be objective and constructive. Reviewers are encouraged to advise the author(s) on issues to be considered and/or further clarifications or suggestions for improvement using the Manuscript Review Form. The editor will receive the reviewers' feedback, and then the feedback can be amended by the editor to ensure omitting any harsh language and to ensure that the feedback is constructive as much as possible. Feedback will be then sent to the author(s), and will be then asked to work on improving the paper when appropriate.

Electronic Publishing Fee

There is a publication cost for published articles. It is AU$ 150 for articles submitted by authors in developing countries and AU$300 for articles submitted by authors in developed countries. Payment is made by direct deposit to the Journal bank account or by PayPal. Bank Cheques can be also be accepted. Those received Recognition Letters are entitled to 25% discount. A reviewer will receive 25% discount when their manuscript is being accepted.