Scope of ResearchOER Journal

About ResearchOER Journal

International Journal of Research in Open Educational Resources (ResearchOER Journal) is an open access blind peer-reviewed bilingual (English & Arabic) journal. ResearchOER Journal focuses on the theories and applications of pedagogy in teaching & learning and applications and uses of information and communication technologies (ICT) in education, and open educational resources (OER) and learning management systems (LMS) specific.


Call for Papers

There are special issues which we currently accept submissions for. These issues are: Theories & Applications of Pedagogy in Teaching & Learning; Promoting Critical Thinking through Interactive e-Learning; Monitoring and Evaluation of CLMS and Open Content Learning Activities; and LMS & Web 2.0 in Professional Development and Community & Patient Education.
ResearchOER Journal encourages researchers to publish summaries of their Master and PhD Theses in a special section in our journal.
Our journal provides translating (from English to Arabic and vice versa) and editing services.
Main Author receives a free printed copy of the journal.

The main author of the article receives Recognition Letter when her/his article is being seen as an outstanding work (the idea and the content), when only minor edits are required. When publishing the article, an indication to this Excellence Recognition will be made in the first page of the article.

Journal's Scope

# Theories & Applications of Pedagogy in Teaching & Learning
# Applications of Content / Learning Management Systems in Education
# Applications of Learning Management Systems in Community Education
# Applications of Learning Management Systems in Patient Education
# Applications of Learning Management Systems in Professional Development
# Theories of Educational Technology and Web 2.0
# Monitoring and Evaluation of LMS and Learning Activities
# Issues of Curriculum Development and e-Course Design
# Psychology of e-Communication within Learning Management Systems
# Design of Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)
# Issues of Security, Trust, Usability, and Functionality in LMS
# Development & Use of Open Educational Resources (OER)
# Blogs, Wikis & Forums and Applications of Social Media in Education
# Promoting Easiness and Activity Visualisation
# Designing Individual & Collaborative Activities
# Socio-Cultural Issues in Design & Use of OER
# Psychological, Economic, and Linguistic Factors in LMS
# Managing Change of Implementation of LMS
# Mobile & Desktop Applications of Open Content Learning Activities
# Empirical & Methodological Aspects in Researching Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)
# Theoretical, Philosophical & Historical Aspects in Content/ Learning Management Systems (CLMS)